Kennel Schnauzerlyst

Family breed of Miniatyre Schnauzer Blak/Silver

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Kennel Schnauzerlyst's


It all began the summer of 1989. We had decided that we should have dog, choice fell on a Westie
we got a cute little puppy at 8 weeks as we call Funny


17-7-1989  30-08-2002


When we had her around 1 1/2 years we got the urge to try to show her at an exhibition but it was not so good there was much wrong with her so we began to think of dog No.2.
  After we had waited for a new dog at a breeder of Westier for almost 2 years without success we decided a second rase but what we would now choose.
There we go to our dog training / Agility, we had met a couple Dværgschnauzer and we decided that it should be one. Ascha born 4 June 1992 and we saw her first when she was 3 weeks old
she was one of the first Mini Snauzer with tail in Danish exhibitions


04-06-1992  02-01-2007


 We have learned a lot of new people to know at the exhibitions we have been, inter alia, Anette & Steen (Kennel Stena Stamm) and we fell for their American bitch Pepsi (Feldmar Blind Faith),
so when we heard that she was going to Belgium and pares asked we though we could order a bitch puppy we got yes but we were No. 2 in a bitch puppy
but we were lucky with the second, a Dutchman jumped from as we were first we had a nice little bitch Kiwi (Stena Stamm`s Oustanding Lady) which is stammor to our Breed.

Kiwi ( 6 weeks)